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Jesse Davis

Do good work and make work that does good. I founded Clay Wanderer as a way to sustainably support myself as an artist in recovery and invite others into the joys of mud. I originally came to clay as an escape. It was messy and exhausting and difficult but ultimately redeeming. It requires integration of the full body for a successful experience (shifting a subtle inch can make all the difference on the wheel), and it is productive (you are able to hold the fruits of labor). There is no choice but to maintain full presence and active mindfulness. Pottery in and of itself is one of healthiest and most therapeutic experiences of my life. I treasure the ability to create pieces that become an integral part of the daily rituals of people’s lives (the favorite coffee cup or cereal bowl at the start of the day, the set of dishes given as a wedding gift, the splurge on something little for yourself). I have dedicated my professional craft to creating objects that foster Home, Wellness, and Joy. I love the quest for my ever-evolving voice among the highs and lows of refined and whimsical. Most recently I've been consumed by ancient and historical tattoo culture.  As a working artist I am able to give back to my community through financial partnerships with nonprofits and teaching other peers in recovery. In pottery, I have found a healthy, fulfilling, sustainable professional art. Through Clay Wanderer, I am doing the good work that does the most good.

Dinosaurs roar, mermaids flex, bones clank & dogwoods bloom from the hand carved pots of Clay Wanderer.  Cups, mugs, vases, a variety of trays & other fun bits provide a wide spectrum for every budget.  Clay Wanderer pots start as local stoneware thrown on the wheel or slab formed.  The majority of making time is spent detailing intricate surfaces.  Every image and motif is hand-drawn and carved.  Themes include optimistic skeletons of the dinosaur and human variety, octopi and merfolk, as well as botanical and nature scenes local to Western Carolina (had to have something to share with our Grandma).  Midrange celadon glazes are formulated and mixed in house.  Attention and care at every step guarantees each piece is as unique as we are.  Clay Wanderer creates fun and functional ceramics for special days and every day.

Clay Wanderer is thrilled to partner as a resident and board member with The Aurora Studio & Gallery for Artists in recovery of mental illness, addiction & homelessness.  Clay Wanderer also supports local causes including HomeWORD, Asheville Youth Poetry, Planned Parenthood, and the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Clay Wanderer
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