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Kudzu may be a menace here in the mountains, but it also provides an elegant carpet of interwoven vines (and wiffs of grape kool-aid, believe it or not).  This vase is enveloped in carved kudzu, every vine, leaf, and vein detailed.  The glaze is a hand-mixed cobalt.  (*secret below*)

Approx 6"x5.5" and holds 34 ounces (in case you want to drink the fanciest of mint julips)


*Secret*  I originally started carving kudzu as a joke on my father who wrestles with the beast daily.  However, its beauty surprised me and I found myself overwhelmed like a kudzu-drenched hillside.  My dad doesn't see it.  I gave him a kudzu mug for his birthday and he traded for a T-Rex.


Kudzu Vase

  • Clay Wanderer pieces are dishwasher-, microwave- and food-safe unless otherwise indicated.  They can be used to bake but need to be placed in a cool oven and allowed to preheat.

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